Efficiency in Car Design STEM Workshop GM Tech Center, Warren, MI - June 27, 2020


Students will learn how the aerodynamics and rolling resistance of a car affect its energy through designing and constructing model cars out of simple materials.  As the little cars are raced down a titled track (powered by gravity) and propelled off a ramp, students come to understand the need to maximize the energy efficiency of their cars. The most energy-efficient cars roll down the track the fastest and the most aerodynamic cars jump the farthest.

Students must currently be in grades 4th - 6th at the time they are registered.

The GM Tech Center is located in Warren, Michigan.

Lunch is provided.  

This camp takes place one Saturday only.

Students cannot enroll in more than one session to give every student an opportunity to attend.  The activities are the same for June 20th, June 27th and July 11th.

Grade Range: 4 - 6


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