4th Grade

Electrical Connections GM Tech Center, Warrren, MI STEM Camp - July 28th & August 4, 2018
Grade Range: 4 - 6

Students will receive introductory instruction from GM employees in electrical concepts.

They will learn about electrical currents, circuits, and use materials to create series and parallel circuit paths.

Building on this knowledge, they will also create an electric quiz board.

At course end, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how electric energy is transferred and changed through the use of circuits.

Students must currently be in grades 4th - 6th at the time they are registered.

The GM Tech Center is located in Warren, Michigan.

Lunch is provided.  

This class takes place on two Saturdays: July 28th and August 4th.

Students cannot enroll in both the June and July/August sessions.


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GM Tech Center
GM Tech Center
7/28 - 8/4 Sa 08:30 AM - 12:45 PM $0.00 View